Feb 052015

Never underestimate the power of God working directly in your life in response to your prayers. It can come in some pretty unlikely places and times.

Today for instance, I’m subbing at the high school, which means I have some time to write and do research on some things. I spent my morning researching if this idea I had for a product to make and sell was already available. I like to say that I should be a muse, as I have the mind of an inventor but not the skills to carry it through!

As I researced I found there was nothing on the market, that I can find, like my idea, nothing even close. I continued to let my mind wander on the potential of putting this product on the market and possibly even building an app … I even researched what I’d need to do to learn how to build an app (laugh with me on this one).

I have been in this place many times before, great ideas and plans forming in my mind, that I think will really do a service for others. I start planning and scheming up ways to do things, and get quite focused on this grand idea, only to get distracted from the many other tasks at hand.

That’s where I found myself this afternoon, but stuck in a spot were I was unable to proceed any further on my grand idea. It was then, and unfortunately only when I could do no more, that I stopped and prayed, and ask God what I should do next. I was then reminded that I hadn’t yet taken time to read my Bible or do my devotion on my YouVersion app.

And there, plain as day, God showed up.

“You’ll repeatedly encounter forces that will attempt to divert you from your driving purpose. Jesus surely experienced that as well. Yet he never deviated from his mission.” from Bill Perkins in Day 11 of the Authentic Christian Leadership Reading Plan.

Yep, yet again I was distracted. Distracted from my daily need to-dos, and distracted from my Mission. Which lead me to ask,

What is my Mission?

Do I know it? Can I define? Yes and no.

Leigh Ann from Intentional by Grace encourages people that in order to live intentionally, you need a Mission Statement. I’ve read it, and even created one for this blog, but I’ve never really thought much about it again. And I’ve definitely not filtered my time and energy choices around my mission.

But as my Devotional pointed out, Jesus was presented many opportunities to use the gifts He had been given by God for other purposes. Satan tempted Him with several opportunities, all that were possible for Him but not apart of His purpose and mission.

So, now it’s time I remember to get back to my mission – part of which is writing this blog.



Do you know what your Mission is? Share with me below!


[Evidently there is/was a need for this to be posted right away yesterday … as instead of hitting the save button, so I could edit, and make an image for this post, I instead hit post. So here it is, mistakes and all. Praying God will use this in my life and others.]

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