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It can be very addictive and a time sucker – but God has reminded me of several important life lessons while playing Candy Crush.

I thought I’d take a few moments and share them with you.

7 Life Lessons from Candy Crush

7 Life Lessons I’ve Learned from Playing Candy Crush

1. You can do everything right …  and still fail.

I’ve played so many games where I’ve gotten tons of striped candies, and even the Chocolate Truffles and mixed them with the striped candies or the wrapped candies and had tons of great moves … and I’ve still not beaten the level.

Life Lesson: Failing doesn’t always mean you’ve done the wrong things.


2. You can do everything wrong, or nothing at all … and still succeed.

Some games all the pieces just seem to fall into place. You make just a few minor moves and all the sudden the level is over and beaten and you’re not quite sure exactly what happened.

Life Lesson: Success doesn’t always mean you’ve done all the right things – or even anything at all.


3. A hard level for you, might be a quick and easy level for someone else.

There are some levels that I seem to get stuck on forever, sometimes weeks at a time. Someone else will come along a beat it quickly and easily, maybe have a scenario like number 2.

Life Lesson: Everyone is playing their own game. Lessons 1 and 2 apply for them too.


4. Every move affects what you can do next, and every choice at the bottom affects those above it.

I absolutely hate when I notice a really great move – maybe one that would make a chocolate truffle or a striped candy – right after I’ve finish clicking a move that takes that choice out of being an option. Sometimes I wish Candy Crush had an undo button!

Life Lesson: There is no undo button – and every choice we make will affect what happens next, for ourselves and others.


5. You can line everything up perfectly for a great move, but you can never predict what piece is going to fall next from above.

You can hope, wish and even pray for a certain color piece to fall in just the right place, but no matter how much you plan and maneuver, you can never be sure what is going to fall next.

Life Lesson: We can do everything in our power to plan to make things line up in a certain way and at a certain time – but God is in control of what “pieces” fall in our lives – and we have no way of predicting exactly when or what that will be.


6. Some levels require us to reevaluate our strategy.

My usual strategy is to try to make striped candies and chocolate truffles as much as possible. I don’t really like the wrapped candies. However, I’ve come across levels where striped candies just aren’t helpful, and I’ve had to readjust my strategy.

Life Lesson: Strategies can be good and helpful, but we need to be mindful to reevaluate how they are working for us as situations change, and pray and ask God for wisdom on what strategy is best for every “level” or season of life.


7. Keep the end goal in mind  – sometimes there will be an awesome move available, but it won’t help you beat the level.

I’m currently working on a level in Candy Crush that is driving me crazy! I’ve had tons of “great” games with great and awesome moves – but I haven’t been able to beat the level. In one attempt I was able to mix 2 Chocolate Truffles – often the best move of the game! However in this level, because I had several licorice and whipped cream covered jellies it did me no good at all! In fact it didn’t even break one jelly! I was so disappointed! Sometimes I’ve found skipping making the special candy to be a much better option toward getting to the end goal (though I find it so hard to do!).

Life Lesson: We have to always be mindful of our overarching goals and purpose in life – lots of great opportunities will come our way, but not all will help us get to where God, or even we, want to be in life.

I hope these Life Lessons gave you some encouragement in your season of life today!

Be blessed,

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Share with me any lessons you’ve learned while playing Candy Crush or other games.


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