Jan 132015

Today is the first opportunity I’ve really had to sit down and write a blog post in a very long time. I’ve “written” several in my head over the last few months, but haven’t even had the wits to write down the idea. 🙁

I’m guessing many of you can remember the period of insanity that follows the birth of baby (for those of you who cannot, my prayers are that you will someday!). The lack of sleep and exhaustion, both physical and mental, not to mention all the hormonal changes that occur, don’t leave a lot of room for ideal brain function. At least not in my case.

But for me, this time has been a bit different.

I’ve had to find a way to make my brain function beyond what side I last fed my son on (I couldn’t remember with Naomi, and started using a safety pin or bobby pin attached to my bra strap to remember). This time I returned to teaching Math when he was a week old, and I was forced to think, remember and teach.

I also had to learn … a lot.

I’ve had to learn that trusting God doesn’t just mean with the little stuff or our money. It means trusting Him that He’ll provide enough sleep or enough energy to keep going. It means trusting that He knows where you are going, even when you don’t, and He’s not only prepared a way for you to go – He’s prepared YOU.

I’ve been learning these important lessons these past 3 months, and while these last few weeks have been filled with doubt and depression as I surveyed the chaos left behind from the storms of this past year, I know He’s been with me and is preparing my family for the things to come. This season has taught me many lessons I hope to remember, and share with you!



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  1. Yay! Glad to see you back in the blogging world mama! Your son is too precious for words!

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