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Do you remember the message you heard at Church this week? Was there something that really stood out to you? Take a few moments to do a Sunday Rewind! It’s a chance to take what’s been heard and really let it sink in and be applied to your life. If you can’t really remember the message, may I encourage you to be intentional in listening for God to speak to you through the message next week. Share what you are learning using the hashtag #SundayRewind. It can be a word that stood out to you, a phrase, a verse, or even write your own post. Share it, tweet it, pin it, whatever – let’s just make sure we take the time to Rewind it into our lives.

So it’s Tuesday … and I can already tell you that I’ve forgotten most of what I heard on Sunday. In fact I forgot what the sermon was about by Sunday afternoon when my husband asked me what I thought about it. 🙁

Can I blame the exhaustion and being rather overwhelmed at the moment??

Thank goodness that I took notes on Sunday – because you know what, I need to reflect on this message – especially now in the midst of being overwhelmed and trying to do and be more …

One thing I could remember about Sunday was that the word ‘Doing’ stuck out to me – and I knew it was the title for this weeks Sunday Rewind.


Our Sunday School class resumed this week and we started the book Love Does by Bob Goff.

Here’s some quick notes/questions from our study for you (and me) to think about.

— Where do you meet with God? Do you have a specific “office” that you can really sit and be with Him?

— When you’re there what do you do there? Do you Dream there with God?

“Faith is at it’s best when it’s lived and when it’s owned” – When you’re no longer a spectator but an owner of it.

— God has a calling for your life – Are you owning it?

Love doesn’t keep thinking or planning – it’s about doing!

— What are you (me) putting off?

If you’re struggling with doing something – pray and ask God if its not something for you to pursue for God to take it off your mind.

— Love is a sacrifice – are we feeding people’s souls with this Truth and perspective?

— God is with us (Isaiah 41:10) – this makes all the difference, that He is actually with us each step of the way.

— Love involves being present and sacrifice.

I got a lot out of this study … but I’m still grappling with some of the questions. One – finding my “office”. It’s hard at this stage of life – but it’s important and I need to work on not only finding my “office” but going there! (Even if it is just my recliner in my living room for now.)

The second one, is am I owning my faith and my dreams?

I’m still a bit scared to step out in this one. I know what God is calling me to, and I know I will get there someday – but I’m honestly clueless about how to go about things today. I see SO MANY possibilities of what I can/should/want to be doing – and as a result I’m bouncing around not doing much of anything. So I’m praying that those things that aren’t God’s will He will remove from my mind.

It always amazes me how the sermon interconnects with what God is speaking through our Bible Study (and neither the Pastor nor my Sunday school teacher knows the others topic 🙂 ). That’s the power of the Holy Spirit working in each of us to teach us!

The sermon was about James 4 – you can listen here.

One of the first points that Pastor Jeff made was this:

There needs to be a shift from learning to doing.

Too often we stay in the learning and researching phase. Too often we think we need to know more before we can do anything. And by we I mean me…

There are so many things that I’d LOVE to do – and so many things I’d love to teach and share – but I’m caught in the phase between learning and doing. Why am I caught there?

It honestly has to do with just what James 4:1-2 says – my motives are battling it out.

I want to be able to do it all – in my way, in my time, and how I think it should go.

There are too many I’s and mys in that sentence.

This section of Scripture tells us that we don’t have because we don’t ask, or ask with wrong motives. We need to make sure we are in line with God’s will and ask according to His will – not our own. Not I and my, but Thy Will be done. 

Praise God that He gives us grace because all of us fail at this. (James 4:6)

In James 4:7 we are reminded that in the midst of our battles with each other and our motives that Satan gets mixed in. We are reminded that we must resist him – and that he will flee from us when we do. We need to draw close to God and He will lift us up.

By doing this we can realign our priorities so we can start doing what we need to (again). We don’t know our future but God does – and as we go about our doing we need to remember He has planned it out for us (Ephesians 2:10).

The last point that Pastor Jeff made (and James) really ties all this up.

“If anyone, then, knows the good they ought to do and doesn’t do it, it is sin for them.” James 4:17


I guess it’s time I spend more time in my “office”, and less time on Facebook. It’s time I set about at least stepping out and trying some of the ideas and plans I have been given – instead of staying on the sidelines.

I need to start doing.

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So what about you? What are you supposed to be doing? Do you know it? If so how are you getting out of the “learning” phase and into the “doing” phase? Give me some tips 🙂


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  1. I love it that you are being intentional about “remembering” the Sunday Sermon. My pastor is currently preaching through Luke. This weekend, we discussed the beatitudes and how God makes the poor in spirit rich.

    • Thanks for stopping by Lyli!
      My pastor is still in James and touched on the poor and rich in Spirit today too! Was there something that really stood out to about the message today? I’ve found as I’ve been doing this over the last several months that the things that stand out to me the most usually are God’s way of telling me something I need to hear for my week.

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