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How do you know when too much is too much?

Too much work.

Too much time.

Too much energy.

Too much drama.

Too much craziness.

Sometimes there is just too much going on.

So how do you handle it?

How do you cope with too much?

Coping with Too Much - Are your coping skills working?

Is your coping method dealing with the too much problem? Or just putting it off to deal with for another day?

When is your coping strategy “too much”?

My coping strategy: distraction – or eating to distract myself.

Neither one is very productive.

Neither one eliminates or helps me deal with the amount of work that needs done. They definitely don’t give me more time or energy. They tend to create a lot of drama in my life and marriage.

So where does it all end?

Can it?


I believe the first step in solving any problem is identification. If you can’t identify you have a problem or what is causing it you can’t fix it.

So my problem right now is this – I have too much on my plate and I’m too far behind. I’m overwhelmed by it and so I default to using the strategies I mentioned to “cope” with being overwhelmed – which just adds more to my plate and remove nothing.

So now what? I need a plan!

This always should start with prayer. Seeking God who is capable of giving you wisdom and strength so that you can continually identify where  you are getting off course and what the problem truly it.

From there I need to develop a healthy coping method.

So let’s take my favorite distraction – Facebook.

Who needs a better distraction?? Right?

But Facebook is so counterproductive to me eliminating my problem of too much. So what can I do to eliminate this?

Here’s 3 ways I’ve come up with to try. (<– note key word there 😉 )

1) Delete my password from my phone – I hate entering it, and this will slow me down to actually stop and think if I actually NEED to get on for some reason.

2) Put my phone away. My phone is always on me. I really don’t need to carry it around all day everyday. It needs to find a ‘home”.

3) Set a goal and timer for when I’m on Facebook. Often I get on to do something productive, but within a moment or two I’ve forgotten why I’ve gotten on and am lost is distraction land. Then I get called away or need to do other things and I haven’t completed my purpose for being on in the first place. So counterproductive!

The next step is always the hardest for me.

Implementing and following through with your plan. This truly is MY biggest weakness. (Prayer appreciated here!)

To help me implement this … I’m going to do it right now (stops typing and deletes password, puts phone in a home spot).

The next thing I need to do to help me with coping with too much is to replace my bad coping habits with some good ones.

Writing is a good coping strategy for me as a blogger. It forces me to sort out, organize and think about what is going on in my head. It also may give me some usable content once in a while. So to my way of thinking this should be a much more productive coping strategy than the one I’m currently using. (Hoping and praying here!)

I’m hoping to come up with some more as well soon, but for now this will do. I’m definitely open to thoughts and suggestions – so leave me a comment below 😉

So what are you dealing with right now that is just too much? How are you coping? Is it helping?


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  5 Responses to “Coping with Too Much”

  1. Oh Crystal, I hear you!! One of my issues is that I have too many emails coming to my inbox and I need to go thru and just unsubscribe from most of them!! I have a DD who creates drama at my house, so I try to get away to a quiet place, but then I end up staying there for hours!! Was just praying about not getting on the computer this morning, but here I am!! 🙁 One thing I am going to do is set a timer and only stay on for that long! That way I’ll know when I’m done and it will jumpstart my brain and remind me to get back to the real world!!

    • Praying for you Lori, that God will give you wisdom for how to handle the situation and strength to pursue a new way of dealing with things, especially with your daughter!

  2. I can completely relate. I have too many things expected of me right now. I have one more mother-helping meeting to lead and then, after much prayer, I’ve decided to….. quit. That word, “quit,” took me quite a long time to write. I literally stared at my screen as the finality of that dawned on me. I don’t want to do it but it is the right thing for my family. So hard to do but, one step at a time, I will have on my plate only what the Lord wants there at this moment. I guess I’d better start writing my letter of resignation.

    • Oh Tessa, how I can relate! But you are absolutely right in only wanting what God wants for you on your plate at this time! Prayers for you as you step out in this act of obedience!

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