Apr 282014
Hooks & Chains #SundayRewind

I haven’t had the chance to do a Sunday Rewind in a long while – and I’ll be honest I miss it! It really helps me to focus on the sermon and take some time to meditate and pray through what God is saying to me. However, I really wanted to take a moment to share yesterday’s message by Elder Mark Wise entitled 14 Years to 10 Things Learned. The last point especially really struck a cord for me in this season of my life (to hear just this point fast forward to 22:59. I highly recommend it!) Hooks & Chains […]

Dec 112013
Success vs Failure

How do you determine if something you’ve done was a Success or a Failure? Is it in the numbers? So many people, dollars, items given/received? or Is it in the impact it had on even one? How do you define success?  Most of the time the definition lies in our feelings of the perceived outcome. And feelings can change as quickly as the wind and weather does here in Ohio. Is success important to you? Is it something you value and strive for? Or a better question, is failure something you fear and dread? For most of us the answer is […]

Dec 042013
What I've Been Doing ...

Wow – it’s been 2 weeks since I wrote my Sunday Rewind on Doing and wrote this: “I guess it’s time I spend more time in my “office”, and less time on Facebook. It’s time I set about at least stepping out and trying some of the ideas and plans I have been given – instead of staying on the sidelines.” (November 20, 2013) I’ve DONE a lot since then! co-authored an Advent Devotional (get your Free copy by signing up here) wrote a large post with Christmas Gift ideas for Adults (see it here and links to other blogs […]

Nov 202013
Doing {Sunday Rewind}

Do you remember the message you heard at Church this week? Was there something that really stood out to you? Take a few moments to do a Sunday Rewind! It’s a chance to take what’s been heard and really let it sink in and be applied to your life. If you can’t really remember the message, may I encourage you to be intentional in listening for God to speak to you through the message next week. Share what you are learning using the hashtag #SundayRewind. It can be a word that stood out to you, a phrase, a verse, or […]

Nov 132013
Stop Following the Rules

By nature I’m a rule follower. It irks me when people don’t follow the rules – and as a very little kid I made it very clear to my peers. But lately, I’ve been struggling with keeping up with all the “rules” in my life. Specifically the blogging “rules”. For those of you who aren’t bloggers, the experts have set up quite a few lists of “The Top 9 Things You Must Do To Be a Successful Blogger”. It usually goes something to the tune of: Content is King (a.k.a. you have to write killer content at all times!) Stick […]

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