Mar 182015
Trust & Obey - Lessons from Naomi

Naomi’s shirt was on backwards. At 2 years old you really don’t care about such things, but since we were heading out, I did. She was raring to go, so I told her quickly that I needed to turn her shirt around. She stood still for half a second as I took her arms out of her shirt with the intent of just turning the shirt around and putting it back on. However, the instant I didn’t do the normal thing that comes after taking her arms out of the shirt (taking it off over her head), she flipped out! […]

Feb 132015
Quick & Easy Valentine Gift Idea for Your Sweetheart

As crazy busy moms (or women), Valentine’s Day can be a bit daunting. Sure there are a ton of ideas out there, but most require a good bit of money or time …. both of which I’m extremely short on right now. So when I came up with this simple idea, I knew I had to take time to share! Quick & Easy Valentine Think of something small your husband loves that comes in multiples (this may be the hardest part). It can be as simple as a favorite candy, or for us small bottles of pop that contain sugar […]

Feb 092015
Feeling like a Failure

I’m sitting in a high school classroom as I begin to type this. Being that it is exam week, I’ve heard a lot about failing – especially as the students get up to leave after taking their exam. “I know I failed that,” “I’m just praying for a D!” Or worse yet, “Yep, I failed that, oh well.”   And I remember uttering these phrases myself amongst my peers after taking tests in high school. When anything was hard, or we felt uncertain, we were sure we failed. Rarely had we actually failed, even though we may not have done […]

Dec 192013
Finding Wisdom in the Santa Dilemma

The Lord encourages us to “consider our ways” in Haggai 1:5. The issue of Santa is no different, though hotly debated among Christian circles. The point of this post is not to stir up dissension, but to encourage you to seek God’s wisdom for your family in this area as well as in all your ways. For more information on how to find wisdom see the articles here. Do you do Santa in your household? Among Christian circles this has become a fairly heated debate recently. In fact, in the last 3 weeks I’ve seen several of my friends ask […]

Oct 292013
Finding Wisdom for Dealing with Halloween

Halloween is almost here. And like many Christians I’ve got some mixed feelings about the whole thing. + Trick-or-Treating is a fun activity for kids and is a social time with friends and family – and an opportunity to visit neighbors and others you may not see often – Most of these social times include ungodly things (witchcraft, demonic ideas, overt sexuality and immodesty, mockery of others, etc) + Halloween is named after All Hallow’s Eve, which the Catholic Church set up to remember those who’ve gone before us. – It was meant to replace a celebration with very pagan origins […]

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