Jun 112014
"I Give Up" - 5 Things to Give Up When You Feel Like Giving Up

“I GIVE UP!” I’m guessing at some point you’ve thrown your hands up in the air in defeat with this statement. I know I have – more than once. I can’t do this anymore. Nothing is working. I’m a failure. It’s never going to change/happen. I just can’t keep going … I give up! This is where the enemy wants us to be … caught up in the defeat and misery of the challenges of this life. And you know what … maybe our enemy is right — We need to give up! 5 Things You Need to Give Up When […]

Jun 032014
Coping with Too Much

How do you know when too much is too much? Too much work. Too much time. Too much energy. Too much drama. Too much craziness. Sometimes there is just too much going on. So how do you handle it? How do you cope with too much? Is your coping method dealing with the too much problem? Or just putting it off to deal with for another day? When is your coping strategy “too much”? My coping strategy: distraction – or eating to distract myself. Neither one is very productive. Neither one eliminates or helps me deal with the amount of work […]

May 302014
Hope for the Battle

If you’ve followed Wisdom Seeking Mommy long – or ever look at the dates of when things are posted, you will notice that they’ve been pretty scattered the last 6 months. Why? Well, lot’s of reasons to be fully honest with you. Some have to do with the journey of radical obedience that God called us to in December, some with being pregnant and having an adventurous and active 1 year old. But, if I’m really honest with myself, more had to do with the fear and uncertainty that comes with writing a blog – especially one that is focused on […]

May 282014
Spring Cleaning Facebook: Step 4 Like, Like, & Like

Facebook is famous for the Like. It’s the most well-known feature of Facebook, and arguably what originally set it a part from other social media platforms back in the days of its inception. It gives one the quick and easy ability to encourage and give acceptance or acknowledgement to a status, thought, brand or idea. Power in the Like There is so much power in the Like. Not only to Facebook’s algorithm – but also to the psyche of each person as they are acknowledged through friends Liking them and what they share and post. This is a powerful motivator for why […]

May 052014
Spring Cleaning Facebook: Step 3 Use Lists

Facebook can be a great tool if utilized properly. However, it is super easy (at least for me!) to get lost in time and space in Facebook land. There are tips and tricks that can help us better utilize our time and energy on Facebook. Lists are one of these. So our next step to Spring Cleaning Facebook: Use Lists List can be used for a variety of things on Facebook, so while it may take a bit of effort to manage your lists at first – it can pay off BIG later! Lists can be used to control: who […]

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