Dec 152016
Frustration: What to Do When It's Everywhere

Frustration It’s an irritating word and an even more irritating feeling. Especially when frustration seems to be there everywhere you turn. About 2 years ago, this is exactly where I was: Frustrated at absolutely everything in my life. From my kids and parenting, to my husband, to my work and blogging and every little thing in between. I was absolutely miserable and stressed to the max. So was my husband. We had no idea what to do or where to turn or how to even begin to sort out the many messes that had become our lives. I’d love to tell […]

May 112015
Water into Wine

I got to see a miracle on Sunday. I saw Jesus turn water into wine. While only metaphorically, it was still awesome! It was aged “wine”, at least 2 years in the making … though looking back probably more. Chris, my husband, and I both began feeling that the Lord was calling us to ministry after Naomi was born. For me, it began with a calling to blog/speak and encourage women in this digital age. Chris wasn’t sure, but we both felt the very strong calling to ministry. We were very fortunate to have some good friends who offered to […]

Mar 182015
Trust & Obey - Lessons from Naomi

Naomi’s shirt was on backwards. At 2 years old you really don’t care about such things, but since we were heading out, I did. She was raring to go, so I told her quickly that I needed to turn her shirt around. She stood still for half a second as I took her arms out of her shirt with the intent of just turning the shirt around and putting it back on. However, the instant I didn’t do the normal thing that comes after taking her arms out of the shirt (taking it off over her head), she flipped out! […]

Feb 092015
Feeling like a Failure

I’m sitting in a high school classroom as I begin to type this. Being that it is exam week, I’ve heard a lot about failing – especially as the students get up to leave after taking their exam. “I know I failed that,” “I’m just praying for a D!” Or worse yet, “Yep, I failed that, oh well.”   And I remember uttering these phrases myself amongst my peers after taking tests in high school. When anything was hard, or we felt uncertain, we were sure we failed. Rarely had we actually failed, even though we may not have done […]

Sep 012014
7 Life Lessons I've Learned from Playing Candy Crush

It can be very addictive and a time sucker – but God has reminded me of several important life lessons while playing Candy Crush. I thought I’d take a few moments and share them with you. 7 Life Lessons I’ve Learned from Playing Candy Crush 1. You can do everything right …  and still fail. I’ve played so many games where I’ve gotten tons of striped candies, and even the Chocolate Truffles and mixed them with the striped candies or the wrapped candies and had tons of great moves … and I’ve still not beaten the level. Life Lesson: Failing doesn’t always […]

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