Jan 032014
2 Reviews to Help You with Your Resolutions

I’m not a big New Year’s Resolutions person – I tend to make them all year long, sometimes I do well, sometimes not so much. However, the New Year is a great time to take a good look at your life, pray and examine areas that may need some work. “Let us test and examine our ways, and return to the Lord!” Lamentations 3:40 One of my “resolutions” for 2014, is not to over commit myself! I see so many great projects that I can get involved with and I dive right in, only to get overwhelmed and struggle to fully meet […]

Oct 092013
October's Monthly Meal Planning & a Recipe

Whew! September was a horribly busy and chaotic month for me! I was glad for once to flip the calendar to October – though it’s going to be a busy and quick one too! (In fact so busy I couldn’t get this post finished the day I planned or the meal planning – better late than never right 😉 ) I loved having my meal planning done throughout the month of September! It really was a great stress reliever not to have to do it each week and having a plan for each day! I did run into several snags […]

Sep 062013
September Plans & a Recipe

(looking for the Paleo “Heinz” Style Ketchup recipe … scroll down 🙂 )   I’ve got an extremely busy September planned! So I took some time last week and earlier this week to try to get a plan in place! I wanted to share my September Meal plan (I actually did it – YAY!) and what I’ve got scheduled to post this month 🙂 AND a recipe that we constantly use 🙂 So here it is:   I know this isn’t very easy to read. I created this using the Vertex 42 Monthly Meal Planner I downloaded a while back […]

Aug 232013
Journey to Paleo - Part 3 Gluten-Free

I left the doctor’s office that day, March 2, 2009 with new hope. The Lord had heard my pleas to “Show me something,” (see part 1), and was about to open a floodgate in answering me. My task was to follow the doctor’s orders and figure out what gluten was and getting it out of my diet! While I took the time to figure out what gluten was I decided that I really needed to go back to following the strict phase 1 of the Fat Flush Plan (see part 2) – I had felt better on it and we were really […]

Aug 212013
Worn Out & Overwhelmed? 5 Tips to fix it

This song describes pretty well how I’ve been feeling the last several days. And from what I can see on Facebook – I’m not alone in these feelings lately! So I felt led to take a break from our regular series (How to Find Wisdom) this month and take a few minutes to talk about it. Worn Out & Overwhelmed? We all get there at some point. It can be for a myriad of reasons – some in our control and born out of our mistakes, others not of our making. But we all get there. Finances, busyness, relationships, eating […]

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