Dec 152016
Frustration: What to Do When It's Everywhere

Frustration It’s an irritating word and an even more irritating feeling. Especially when frustration seems to be there everywhere you turn. About 2 years ago, this is exactly where I was:¬†Frustrated at absolutely everything in my life. From my kids and parenting, to my husband, to my work and blogging and every little thing in between. I was absolutely miserable and stressed to the max. So was my husband. We had no idea what to do or where to turn or how to even begin to sort out the many messes that had become our lives. I’d love to tell […]

Jan 082016
Perseverance: When You Want to Quit

Currently, I am just ready to QUIT. Quit everything. I am unsure of the path I am on right now. Where it is leading or even if I am facing the right way? Every day feels like I am stuck in an endless cycle of questions without answers. Problems without solutions. And to be quite frank, like there is no way out or end. Ever been there? Yet, I KNOW this cannot be true. I know there is still hope. This season won’t last forever. That there is a plan and a hope and a future. However, I can’t feel […]

Nov 042015
Been so busy ... I forgot my own name

It’s been a really busy and stressful season for our family. And it is far from over. In fact it’s been so busy, God reminded me last night that I have even forgotten my own name. Of course, I have not (at least not yet!) forgotten my actual first name. But I have forgotten who God has called me to be – a wisdom seeking mommy. You see, I spent most of yesterday in a state just below a mild panic attack. I have been concerned, as any mom would be, as we have continued to see specialists who are […]

Jun 302015
What are you asking God for?

Confession time … I’ve been in a really bad slump lately. And I do mean really bad, irritated, unhappy and depressed slump. I started out the month of June with big plans. Plans to spend at least an hour a day on both this blog and my Lilla Rose business. I did great the first few days and then we had to travel out-of-town. Things went downhill from there this month. I never got back into the swing of things. Then it came time to renew my domain name and site … or get rid of it all together. I […]

May 112015
Water into Wine

I got to see a miracle on Sunday. I saw Jesus turn water into wine. While only metaphorically, it was still awesome! It was aged “wine”, at least 2 years in the making … though looking back probably more. Chris, my husband, and I both began feeling that the Lord was calling us to ministry after Naomi was born. For me, it began with a calling to blog/speak and encourage women in this digital age. Chris wasn’t sure, but we both felt the very strong calling to ministry. We were very fortunate to have some good friends who offered to […]

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