May 302014
Hope for the Battle

If you’ve followed Wisdom Seeking Mommy long – or ever look at the dates of when things are posted, you will notice¬†that they’ve been pretty scattered the last 6 months. Why? Well, lot’s of reasons to be fully honest with you. Some have to do with the journey of radical obedience that God called us to in December, some with being pregnant and having an adventurous and active 1 year old. But, if I’m really honest with myself, more had to do with the fear and uncertainty that comes with writing a blog – especially one that is focused on […]

Nov 132013
Stop Following the Rules

By nature I’m a rule follower. It irks me when people don’t follow the rules – and as a very little kid I made it very clear to my peers. But lately, I’ve been struggling with keeping up with all the “rules” in my life. Specifically the blogging “rules”. For those of you who aren’t bloggers, the experts have set up quite a few lists of “The Top 9 Things You Must Do To Be a Successful Blogger”. It usually goes something to the tune of: Content is King (a.k.a. you have to write killer content at all times!) Stick […]

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