Feb 132015

As crazy busy moms (or women), Valentine’s Day can be a bit daunting. Sure there are a ton of ideas out there, but most require a good bit of money or time …. both of which I’m extremely short on right now.

So when I came up with this simple idea, I knew I had to take time to share!

Quick & Easy Valentine

Quick & Easy, Cheap, Valentine for Your Sweetheart

Think of something small your husband loves that comes in multiples (this may be the hardest part). It can be as simple as a favorite candy, or for us small bottles of pop that contain sugar instead of HFCS. (Chris loves pop, but with being pretty much Paleo, the corn syrup really is a big issue, so when I found Wild Cherry Pepsi (his favorite) with sugar, I had to get it!)

I wanted this to be a surprise from Naomi and I, so I decided to cut out hearts and put special sayings on each one. You could do this with just a simple note, or get more creative and artsy as you have time, energy or resources!

For us that meant I traced and cut out hearts, and Naomi (at 2) colored on them. I this short time to introduce her to several early craft skills (I am not a crafter, so we haven’t done many things with her yet). We then taped the hearts on the bottles.

For fun, I decided we should hide the bottles and make Daddy hunt for them. Naomi had a blast hiding them, and showing Daddy where they were too! She got bored quickly though, so he still had a couple to find on his own. It was a lot of fun for all of us.

I even saved a few (shh!), to make some from me on Valentine’s day since we did Naomi’s early.

So here’s my advice if you are looking for something quick and easy for your Valentine:

Keep it simple, keep it fun, and remember it doesn’t have to be perfect to bless your Valentine!


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