Jul 162014

It’s been well over a month since I’ve been able to log in and actually have a minute to write! (and note this isn’t well edited or polished because of that!)

Wow – time flies!

And what a month it has been! It’s been filled with sheer exhaustion, excitement, new adventures, new concerns, new fears and so much more – but overall, through all of the ups and downs, the Lord has shown up and shown us that He’s got this!

I wish I had the time and energy to detail all the little ways that God has prepared us and been there through this season. However I don’t – but know this, God always delivers on His end of things when we listen and are obedient on our end!

One of the exciting things that has happened in the last month, has been that I got a job. I’m not sure I would have written that as an exciting thing 6 months or even 6 weeks ago, as I longed for years to be a stay-at-home mom. However, this is a job that I’ve wanted to do without actually knowing that there was a way and place to do it before.

You see, I’ve always loved math.

Yes, I know many of you are groaning right now, as math is the favorite subject to hate, but I really love it. I’m truly a numbers gal. Several years ago I had this idea and plan in my head of how I’d teach math to those who really struggled and hated it. Mainly, by helping them see where they needed it for their life, and helping to make it practical to them. Not everyone needs to know how to graph a polynomial equation – but everyone does need to know how to do math!

Well, this idea has been in the back of my mind for the last several years. However, without a Master’s degree teaching Math seemed a bit far-fetched at the college level, and teaching at the high school level doesn’t leave a lot of room for this either with all the state standards and what not. I was told one day several years ago that I might be able to teach at our local community college for the remedial math classes, but I just wasn’t sure.

For those of you who’ve followed along with what I’ve shared over the last few months you know that I had returned to substitute teaching this past Spring. God has led my husband to pursue a Master’s degree in Ministry, and last December called him to leave his long-commute job, with the intention of finding another one closer to home. However, God has yet to open that door, and made it very clear that for the rest of the school year I was to sub. I enjoy it and the hours weren’t bad, so it worked on well – especially with being pregnant with a toddler, as Daddy was able to easily transition into being a great stay-at-home dad/student. (In fact he’s much better at taking care of the house than I am! Praise God!)

However, when school ended in May, and no new job prospects in site, we both began to get rather anxious. Our financial reserves were almost completely gone, and our options seemed rather limited – especially for me as to what I could do to work (being 6 months pregnant kind of reduces some of the physical labor jobs you can do).

I spent a week feeling lost.

I had no idea where to look for work, and meanwhile Chris was applying for everything he could and hearing nothing in return. I would sit down and my computer and just stare at it not knowing what to do, or how to do it. I knew I could make some money with my Lilla Rose business and this blog – but nowhere near enough to cover our bills, and it’s not a quick turn around either.

I kept praying and asking God to give me peace and direction.

I’ll admit, I worried and fretted. I felt lost and afraid I’d not heard from God, or listened well enough, or had done enough on the blog to get things were they needed to be. It was not a pretty time.

But then…

God laid a newspaper ad for a teaching position for the summer with High School students at the local community college for math and other subjects in my lap. I fit the qualifications, but the position was supposed to start in just one week. However, it said that applications were being taken until they were filled.

I took a deep breath and brushed off up my severely outdated resume and applied.

The next few days seem like a whirlwind in hindsight. I got a call for an interview the next day, and interviewed on Thursday, and was hired later that day. The college was also holding a job fair that day for adjunct faculty for the Fall – and I was also hired to teach remedial math in the fall! All in the same day!!!

God is so good and faithful!

The summer program started that following Tuesday – and guess what? I had to come up with all my own curriculum and materials … and thankfully I’d been thinking about them for around 5 years! It’s been really exciting to be able to fulfill this little area of my life that I’ve thought about and wanted to do for so long!

The program will be over (already!!) next week – but it has really been a joy and a blessing in so many ways!

There have been a lot of other craziness going on as well, mainly with Naomi’s health and sleep, but even in that God has shown us that He prepared ahead of time to give us the strength to deal with it, and continues to grace us daily with the energy we need.

This journey of obedience hasn’t been easy, and I’m pretty sure there will be more bumps in the road. But going forth as God leads you step-by-step is also filled with seeing Him work in the little and big things, and makes the journey so much more rewarding than I ever could have imagined!

Ladies, I encourage you today that if God is laying on your heart (or your husbands), to follow Him into some radical obedience – to DO IT! What He has planned for you is far greater than anything you could have ever hoped for or imagined!

Prayers and Blessings,


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